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Shenzhen Yierkang High-Tech Co., Ltd. established in 1997 collects the science, industry and business as a shareholding private company which is professional in the field of R&D and manufacture of various high voltage power and environmental small home appliance including ionizer, ozonizer, air purifier, disinfector, oxygen bar and other related products. With many years experience in the high quality of products we have now 6 patents from China property and patents administration. As we have many experienced technicians the company promise to offer you the updated products continuously。 "practice, sincereness, innovation and development" is always our pursuing as well as our management principle of " achieve limitation, creation forever", in the meantime we are devoted to keeping the ISO9001 and 5S systems.
Effectiveness of Negative Ion

Improve asthma and other respiratory conditions. Reduce and/or destroy bacteria, viruses and other microbes. Needed in order to take in oxygen.
Counteract the effects of smoking. Help prevent respiratory-related illnesses. Help prevent migraine headaches. Natural anti-depressant.
Help combat fatigue. Enhance mental performance and concentration. Enhance physical performance. Sleep aide. Aid in the treatment of burn patients.

Effectiveness of Ozone at Low Levels

In one study, Russian scientists performed a study to see how effective ozone was at improving indoor air quality in schools. Respiratory-related illnesses were drastically improved after the ozone systems were installed. The ozone concentration produced by these ozone systems was 0.015 ppm (parts per million).
In another study, testing was performed by two scientists by the name of Elford and Van den Ende. It was found that ozone effectively destroyed bacteria at 0.04 ppm.
Many publications have published studies showing the effectiveness of lower concentrations ozone (0.01 to 0.03 ppm) at removing odors and pollutants. Some of these include the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES), U.S. Air Force technical publications, and Manufacturing Chemist.

Working Principles on Negative Ion and Ozone

Ozone is a form of oxygen produced by the interaction of oxygen and electricity or ultraviolet light and is present in the air, especially after a thunderstorm. Ozone has a peculiar odor, like that of weak chlorine, and is a strong oxidizing agent used for sterilizing air and water

Nature's Purifier

Ultraviolet Light

Ozone is created when oxygen, produced by the earth's forests and vegetation, is exposed to specific wavelengths of ultraviolet rays from the sun. At this point in the stratosphere, the oxygen is molecularly disassociated and becomes activated oxygen or OZONE.

Corona Discharge

When lightning strikes, the naturally occurring electrical charge of high voltage molecularly disassociates the oxygen atoms, causing production of ozone. Once ozone has performed its purifying tasks, it then reverts to its original state of pure oxygen. Advancing technology has enabled us to harness these natural purification processes for treatment of water and air and is produced in much the same way by man.

First used to purify drinking water in Europe over 100 years ago, Ozone's unique characteristics make it ideally suited for a variety of water and air treatment applications. Ozone assures you of the cleanest and safest water you can get. The ozone method of sanitizing is stronger, safer, faster and better.
Ozone Applications:
1, Ozone and Aquaculture:
improve water quality
faster growth rates
decrease deathloss
safe for fish
increases DO levels
destroys organics

2, Ozone Water Treatment:
most powerful oxidizer available
instantly destroys bacteria
improves flocculation of iron
environmentally friendly
3,125x more germicidal than chlorine
been used for decades
no harmful by-products
educes sulfur odors

3, Ozone and Food Processing:
the most powerful oxidizer available
environmentally friendly
no chemical storage required
3000 times more germicidal than chlorine
instant pathogen destruction
no residual

4, Food Preservation with Ozone:
most powerful oxidizer available
instantly destroys microbes
eliminates chemical storage
environmentally friendly
stops mold spores
does not affect product taste
no harmful by-products
can be used in air and water

5, Ozone Drinking Water for Agriculture:
3,125 times more germicidal than chlorine
better tasting water - increased consumption
destroys all types of microorganisms instantly
destroys organic waste by oxidation
low maintenance costs
environmentally friendly oxidant
no residual
created on-site - no chemical storage

6, Ozone and Grain Treatment
destroys aflatoxins
acts as a fumigant and insecticide
stops mold growth
easy integration
environmentally friendly
generated on-site - no stored chemicals
does not damage the product

7, Groundwater Remediation with Ozone:
12 times more soluble than oxygen in water
Moves easily through the soil
Produced on-site, no need for hazardous chemical transportation or storage
Most powerful oxidizer available
Complex organics break down to carbon dioxide or less toxic molecules
Breaks down to oxygen which increases DO levels

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